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Wisconsin Food Trends

In Wisconsin, Summer unofficially ends with the Labor Day weekend. Restaurant owners can get back to “normal” now that there will be less competition from the festivals, weekend getaways, and other outdoor events.

The next 4 months will bring patrons new and old to your establishment. Give your customers something new to try this season with food and drink choices that are trending this year.


Vegan brats and burgers

Many people are choosing meatless or less meat dishes. It is good for a body and good for the earth. The US is the largest consumer of meat in the world followed by Australia and Argentina. Mooving over to plant-based items like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat brands will help our environment.



Even if your customer is not a Celiac, gluten-free food is another good offering. Many people have allergies and will appreciate these great additions to your menu. Some restaurants have even gone completely gluten-free so all customers can benefit from these health-conscious prepared meals. It’s easier than you think and customers will seek you out.

Seltzers, Spritzers and paper straws

Paper Straws Milwaukee restaurant

Less sugar and less plastic. Leave behind the single-use plastics and ask your vendor for paper or eco-friendly versions of your supplies. Your customers are implementing these items at home and now expect restaurants to do the same.  Being proactive will go a long way to show patrons that you care about them and mother nature too.

Seltzers waters are trending high this year. Every distributor has them and they come in a rainbow of flavors. Seltzers are usually packaged in artfully designed aluminum cans so they can delight the consumer and can be recycled over and over again. These flavored carbonated waters can be added to wines and cocktails for a less sweet drink that offers a bit of bubbly also know as Spritzers.

By adding a few trending items to your menu, your customer will appreciate a bit of variety and know that you keep current in your industry.

Make sure your kitchen is ready with a seasonal inspection so it is in top working condition for the upcoming holiday season.

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