Pressure Washing

Proper and professional pressure washing is more than just curb appeal. It’s a matter of safety and cleanliness. 


Sure, you can rent a pressure washer and do that job yourself, but in the long run, the results from using a professional and experienced company is more beneficial. 


Rental pressure washers don’t have the built-in heating element that you need to properly remove the really tough grease and dirt stains. They also use less pressure than professional power washers. Higher pressure means easier removal of sticky gum, grease, stains, and paint splatters from the front walks, kitchen area, high-traffic areas, and the roof of your building. 


Even if you rent a pressure washer, you still don’t have access to the commercial-grade cleansers that professionals like Elite Hood can procure. These products give a boost to the already-superior abilities of professional pressure washers. Elite Hood will also properly dispose of the runoff water, to prevent it from getting into the city’s water supply, which is a violation of the Federal Clean Water Act. This saves your business from costly fines and bad publicity. 


Regular, scheduled pressure washing gives your business a high curb appeal. Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant that looks - and is! - dirty. Cleaning your walks, patios, parking lots, outside walls and roofs make an inviting and attractive restaurant that your customers will be happy to walk into. A clean inside is also appealing. Busy front entrances, restroom areas, and of course, the kitchen, are all mandatory to maintain cleanliness. There is also less risk of accidents as slippery or slick areas are removed, reducing the chances for a fall and injury to both your patrons and employees.


A clean kitchen, building, and property grounds makes everyone happy - you, your customers, and your building inspectors. 


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Pressure washing your commercial kitchen

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