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About Elite Hood Cleaning Wisconsin and how they clean commercial kitchen hoods and ducts.

About Us

The Beginning of Elite Hood Cleaning Wisconsin

Before starting Elite Hood Cleaning Wisconsin, Danny VanBuskirk was living in Denver and working at Elite Hood Cleaning of Colorado, a hood and exhaust cleaning service he co-founded with his brother in 2002.

In 2011, Danny and his wife Emily moved to Okauchee, Wisconsin. Then, in 2012, they decided to start the Wisconsin chapter of the original Elite Hood Cleaning business. Using their specialized knowledge of the restaurant industry's best practices for fire prevention services and pressure washing in kitchens, pubs, and grilles the couple went on to create a successful business. 

The VanBuskirk's are very passionate about what they bring to the table

"When we moved to Wisconsin, I originally went back to my roots, working in the restaurant industry. However, I still felt this pull to get back into business for myself.  After living here in Wisconsin for about a year, I decided to start investing in my own equipment and gear to start Elite Hood Cleaning on a part-time basis." VanBuskirk said. "It was only a couple of months later that I saw how big the demand for a quality hood cleaner in our area was, and decided to make the leap into running the business full time."

"Overall, Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin was built the same way it was out West - through dedication, strategy, a lot of hard work, and providing top-notch quality service for our customers."

Growing our business and our love for Wisconsin

Elite Hood Cleaning has increased our business each year by adhering to two edicts - a good reputation, and a strong presence in the community. Additionally, positive word of mouth has spread across southeastern Wisconsin and even into the Fox River Valley, drumming up quick business for Elite Hood Cleaning.

Nonetheless, Danny and Emily put the earnings right back into the business to purchase new and better equipment, and to train technicians in the correct methodology of their services. They love the Wisconsin community and strive to be a positive presence in any way they can like by joining local associations like the Wisconsin Business Association, Allied Professionals, and the Okauchee Area Business Association. Additionally, they work with local firefighters giving demonstrations on kitchen fire safety. The VanBuskirk's believe preventative maintenance is the key to always being in compliance. Overall, their main priority is helping you keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

Looking forward to the future

"We are heading into our eighth year, and we are not tired of this company or this community. Elite Hood Cleaning has grown as a company and we still keep expanding our service area, branching out further and further into other Wisconsin communities. We have added emergency services that are available if needed. We also know the service industry's eclectic hours, and we work with our customer's schedules to help reduce downtime and any inconveniences to make sure their foodservice equipment is in tip-top shape."

Whether you own a restaurant or have a business with a kitchen, like hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, corporate kitchens, food trucks, and the like, Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin is there for all your hood, commercial exhaust cleaning, and pressure washing service needs.

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A proud member of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, Wisconsin Tavern League, and Better Business Bureau.

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