Picture Perfect Results!

Before and After Pictures of a commercial kitchen hood after being cleaned by Elite Hood Cleaning.

Before and After Commercial Kitchen Results

Nothing demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of our professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning services for your commercial kitchen better than the “Before & After” photos of our thorough workmanship. Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin will provide you with the comparison photos of the INSIDE of your kitchen exhaust system, vents, flues, and ducts so that you will know for a fact that you have received the top-notch services you paid for.

Stay Compliant to Wisconsin's Restaurant Kitchen Codes

Having insurance and meeting compliance codes are necessary parts of maintaining your restaurant's business. Insurance companies demand restaurant kitchens be kept up to all codes in order to be fully covered, and to be paid out, in the event it might be necessary. We will help you bring up to code and maintain your company's restaurant kitchen to adhere to the Wisconsin National Fire Protection Association's current NFPA96 (2021) Compliance Code. This is the standard for ventilation control and for fire protection of all commercial cooking operations.

The Compliance Code is for meeting the minimum standard of fire safety requirements, both operative and preventative, that are related to the installation, design, inspection, operation, and maintenance of all kitchen operations. The components included in this scope include but not limited to, cooking equipment, grease removal devices, venting, exhaust hoods, fans, ductwork, and dampers, as well as fire-extinguishing equipment and any other auxiliary components and systems that are part of the capture, containment, and control of grease-laden cooking vapors. We strive to go above and beyond the minimum Compliance Code requirements for your business. With regular maintenance, we will help your kitchen operate at peak efficiency and safety.

For Your Records

To help you stay compliant, we will provide you with pictures that can be kept on file for your own purposes, including insurance and fire inspection needs. We e-mail the pictures to you so they are easy to keep, store, and archive. The difference between the before & after pictures from using our services is always amazing to see.

Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin is fully licensed and insured.

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