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The TEGRAS system was engineered to provide a definitive solution to the problem of cleaning kitchen extraction systems. With the TEGRAS system we will be able to significantly improve the efficiency to clean your hood, plenum, duct, extractor, and filters in a timely and proper manner.

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Benefits of the TEGRAS Cleaning System

  • Better cleaning, greater safety
  • Cleaning of the inaccessible parts of the ducts
  • A professional protocol and methodology
  • Possibility of video recording the before and after of the cleaning process.
  • Saving of time and money in the cleaning process.
  • System and equipment has been used and tested in over 50 countries.

We Can Clean Hard To Reach Places

We love nooks and crannies! Ductwork can have many hard-to-reach places. With our Tegras System, we can effectively clean those long runs and sharp turns to clean the most difficult areas.

Elite Hood Cleaning is a professional organization with certified technicians to make sure your kitchen and restaurant are up to code.

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