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Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin - Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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We provide service to commercial kitchens of any size.

We are your one-stop-shop for kitchen hood and exhaust system services and repairs. Therefore, we even provide pressure washing services, and sell, install, and maintain filters and access panels. We'll help you choose the best grease containment system for your exhaust fan setup. Additionally, Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin ensures you prevent fires, stay up to code, and keep up on general maintenance. Our skilled team provides services to any commercial facility, including:

  • Bars
  • Churches
  • Golf Resorts
  • Government Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Anywhere else that does large-volume cooking

Elite Hood Cleaning is family-owned, community-oriented, and provides top-notch service for your business at a competitive price.

Commercial kitchen hood cleaning Services by Elite Hood Cleaning Wisconsin.
Kitchen hood cleaning

Hood Cleaning

Elite Hood Cleaning provides quality service. Therefore, we always give our customers the most complete and thorough cleaning of kitchen hoods and exhaust systems. From the fans, through the ductwork, to the hood above and filters below Elite Hood Cleaning provides thorough care.

We clean hoods to the bare metal as required by the current NFPA 96 codes. This not only removes normal buildup, providing better fire protection, but also increases the functionality of your exhaust system, which leads to fewer breakdowns and subsequent replacements. Additionally, using our specialized software, we provide Before & After photos for your records. These photos identify the problem areas for your reference. Plus, they can be used for insurance and fire inspection purposes. Overall, we take pride in doing the most thorough job possible for your kitchen, because a clean kitchen is a safe kitchen.

Motor Fan Repair and Replacement

When malfunctions or breakdowns of your hood exhaust system's motor and fans occur, it is urgent that the problem is taken care of without delay. Elite Hood Cleaning is the company to call for repairs or replacements. We keep multiple brands and types of motors and fans in stock at all times. Therefore, in most cases, we can immediately supply the correct make and model your system requires, install it, and maintain it via future maintenance visits. Our team cleans fans, tests belts, lube bearings, and test motors so you don't get blindsided by preventable and costly breakdowns. Regularly scheduled, convenient maintenance visits, where we clean, test, and inspect all key elements of your system, ensure your kitchen remains working and up to code.

Motor fan repair and replacement
Kitchen Compliance

Kitchen Compliance

Restaurant kitchens must stay up to code, and we help you meet the NFPA 96 compliance codes required by law to do so. This process is made easier by installing access panels and portholes which allow all parts of the exhaust system to be easily accessed. In this way, dangerous build up is greatly reduced. Regardless, Elite Hood Cleaning guarantees all of our work, and ensures your establishment's exhaust system is clean, safe, and operating at peak efficiency. We are proudly licensed, insured, and NFPA Compliant. When you call Elite Hood Cleaning, you set your mind at ease by knowing that the job will be done right.

Pressure Washing

Our customers view us as a one stop-shop for all of their needs. Maintaining an overall clean environment is essential when creating an atmosphere your customers will feel safe and happy to be a part of. Therefore, we pressure wash walkways, dumpster areas, drive-thru lanes, building exteriors, and anywhere else where high-powered cleaning is required. Additionally, not only do we provide general cleaning for concrete and buildings, but also for areas where there are rust or oil stains. We can even fade or erase those unsightly stains. Regularly scheduled pressure washing is a must for any facility, and a service we are happy to provide our customers.

Elite Hood Cleaning offers pressure washing services

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