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Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin - Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services for Fire Prevention

A clean kitchen in a commercial space is a necessity - not only to ensure you're operating at peak efficiency, but also to prevent fires and other accidents. 

The first step in ensuring your kitchen remains safe and runs smooth is to ensure the hood and surrounding equipment are in pristine condition. However, not just anyone can clean a restaurant worthy exhaust system. According to NFPA Code 96 standards, it must be done by a trained, certified, and qualified professional with jurisdiction in the area. Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin is that professional.

Beyond the Surface: The Silent Threat in Your Kitchen Hood

Unfortunately, 27% of all restaurant fires ignite at fryers and grills. At Elite Hood Cleaning, we place very high value on the safety of our customers, their employees, and their guests. So much so, that we even partner with local fire departments to give demonstrations on fire safety. The first place to implement fire safety in the kitchen, is under the hood.

Kitchen hoods work by pulling large amounts of air out of the kitchen at high speeds. In doing so, they essentially rip the oil and grease molecules out of the air in the process. The air, containing this molecules, go through a series of turns on their way out of the final vent, in an attempt to cool the air, grease and oils.

As you can imagine, all of that grease and oil has to go somewhere, and it goes (you guessed it) right into that kitchen hood. It then stays there and waits for a highly trained and certified professional to come clean it out effectively. Neglecting to clean the hood and all of its components properly is a recipe for disaster, as it can lead to grease fires, injury, damage to your business, and loss of income. However, a full cleaning of the system involves far more than just getting in there and wiping it down with a towel.

Grease and oil buildup occurs within the system, not just where you can see and easily reach it - and we're talking buckets worth. Elite Hood Cleaning’s technicians are certified and highly trained with the knowledge of how to properly clean every surface on and within the hood as mandated by NFPA codes. Additionally, you'll need a thorough clean of your system every 90 days. Whether your grease containment style is a pail or rack system, our technicians are trained in and certified to service them all.

Why Choose Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin?

In addition to performing the necessary cleaning and repairing of your kitchen exhaust system, our team will supply you with before and after photos. These can be used both for your personal records and insurance purposes. At Elite Hood Cleaning, we genuinely care about your safety, and the quality of work we do reflects that. Our technicians will impress you through their dedication to your satisfaction. 

Our years of service and list of repeat customers is a source of satisfaction for us. 


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