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Keep your commercial kitchen compliant with regularly scheduled maintenance by Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin.

There are many aspects to setting up, maintaining, and running a successful restaurant kitchen to consider, and not the least, but probably the most important of which is meeting all of the myriad Wisconsin state, as well as the federal, safety and compliance codes. 


The NFPA 96 2021 compliance codes are decided by a committee of safety experts and written in accordance with the Standard For Ventilation Control and Fire of Commercial Cooking Operations. They are intended to reduce potential fire hazards and maintain a series of safety standards for commercial kitchen workplace adherence. Regulations require your restaurant kitchen to create and control measures that enhance workplace safety for your employees and also your building, including fire risk mitigation and operative measures.


That is where Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin comes in for you. Because of our extensive knowledge of hood and exhaust cleaning and repairing services, as well as pressure washing problem areas, we are more than equipped to handle any safety issues that may come up in your kitchen. We can and will inspect exhaust hood systems, including vents and fans, to make sure debris and grease buildup is removed, and your entire system is maintained and operating at the highest level for both efficiency and safety. 


Regularly scheduling inspections and cleaning with Elite Hood Cleaning of Wisconsin will ensure your commercial kitchen meets and even exceeds all of Wisconsin’s requirements, as well as federal regulations. 


Keeping up with and understanding all of the regulations can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when you have so many other issues to handle in your restaurant kitchen. Elite Hood Cleaning will put your mind at ease.


Elite Hood Cleaning technicians are licensed, experienced, insured, and NFPA-certified. Their full understanding of regulations helps make sure your kitchen stays up to standards and meets all requirements required by Wisconsin and federal law.


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