Restaurant Fires Happen More Often Than You Think

Commercial Restaurant Fires Wisconsin. Prevent grease fires through fire safety.

Restaurant Fires Restaurants in Wisconsin are an integral part of our social lives. We often dine out with our families, friends, and colleagues as a way of staying connected or celebrating important life events. This creates awesome opportunities for restaurant and commercial kitchen owners to facilitate just that. However, large influxes of patrons create inherent…

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Ever-changing Food Trends

Ever-changing food trends

Food Trends Tastes change per season and per year. Friday fish frys and bloody marys are probably the only exception to this rule, at least in Wisconsin. However, all of the other, ever-changing food trends give you the opportunity to present customers something new to try each time they return. For our region, Summer unofficially…

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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Milwaukee

Dear Restaurateur, It’s hard work to open and maintain an establishment capable of feeding a large amount of people in an efficient way. Not only should you be proud of the hard work you put in, you should also defend it. It does not matter if you’re a new business or an established one, fire…

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